Life asked me to be like a mudflap on a truck: flexible and willing to travel.

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"The only thing that is asked of us..."

This is causing a very serious pause right now.

The sketch of the Andes...wow.

On my way home from Uruguay (or was it on the way), a little bird told me to make sure I get a window seat so I can take in the Andes.

What I witnessed was seriously one of the most breathtaking few moments of my life.

Your sketch captures it perfectly.

I started to sing one (to myself, of course) of my favorite hymns, "How Great Thou Art," as the majesty of the Andes reflected how I feel about the God I know and love.

I will never forget it and thanks to your words today, I am opening my heart, mind, and soul to new possibilities in my life.

Thank you, Candace Rose.

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This is beautiful and very insightful.

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I've often thought about what events in my life have led to certain roads. I wish I had the opportunity to make those choices again and do something different. But, I guess I'm where I'm supposed to be and I'll try to take comfort in that.

Lovely piece and I'm looking forward to the final installment.

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Beautiful. I'm hoping for a clear day when I fly out of Santiago in a couple of weeks time.

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I often flew to La Paz, Bolivia and always tried to get a window seat. Because of the high altitude at the airport (over 13,000’, although La Paz is a few hundred feet lower), flights arrived and departed early in the day when it was cooler and the air was denser.

Often, the rising sun was just starting to turn the mountains pink. If the ground wind was blowing the right direction and if I was on the correct side of the plane, the view of Mt. Illimani, the 21,000’ peak south of La Paz, was glorious. It made the struggle to acclimate to the high altitude for the next few days worth the effort. Discomfort and beauty have a way of intermingling.

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Just gorgeous. I often ponder all the little micro-events and decisions that needed to happen for me (from the UK) to meet my partner (from Germany) here on the other side of the globe in New Zealand. Is it chance? Or destiny? I lean towards thinking destiny, that it happened the way it needed to happen and couldn't have been any other way....

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That’s really sweet to contemplate what roads led you together. Feels like you’re supposed to be there. 🥰

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